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Family Law

Family matters are deeply personal, often carrying significant emotional weight and complexity. At Integro Lawyers, we understand the importance of providing legal guidance and empathetic support during these challenging times.  ​


Our experienced expert team spans a broad spectrum of family law issues, encompassing everything from divorce and separation to children’s matters, property, wills, and domestic violence. 

We can assist you in all facets of family law, including:
  • Binding Financial Agreements (including pre-nuptial agreements)

  • Divorce & Separation Application

  • Property & Financial Settlements

  • Child Support (including Binding and Limited Child Support Agreements)

  • Consent Orders & Parenting Plans

  • Family Violence & Intervention Orders

  • Wills and Estate Planning

  • Sale of property

  • De-facto and Same-sex couples related

  • Family Trusts

Whether resolving minor disputes or representing clients in court, we bring a wealth of expertise to every case we handle. 
At Integro Lawyers, our goal is to provide you with common-sense advice that is clear and practical, saving you time, energy, and money while securing the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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